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Responding to real needs

I live in Sweden but serve clients in UK as well as Sweden.

I work 50% for Kodamera in Gothenburg. I also work as a 'one-man-band' to provide solutions directly to clients.

I offer, in the hands of one person, all the skills needed to provide simple, effective solutions for the web and content management needs of small-to-medium sized organisations.

Dealing with just one person keeps things simple for the client, avoids misunderstanding and allows quick response times.

I give priority to usability and functionality, not to frilly design.

Charging an hourly rate keeps costs to the minimum - especially when compared to hiring a large design firm.

I specialise in the Drupal framework, an open source content management system ideal for building dynamic websites.

To see examples of the sites I have created and/or manage, browse my portfolio of full-featured and smaller sites.

You can also see a list of features used on some of my sites which use the power of the web for more than just content presentation.