End to End for South Africa

I cycled 1,021 miles from one end of Britain to the other, in May 2002, to raise funds for two projects in South Africa. The ride, from Land's End to John O'Groats, took 15 days. I travelled alone most of the time and used a hybridised Dawes Galaxy touring bike.

You can read a daily diary and see a very few photos. Unfortunately this was before the days of good digital cameras, so what I took was low quality by today's standards, and I've only included a few.

If you are a cycling enthusiast you can read details about my route, equipment, planning etc. I hope my account will help others considering making this journey.

I very much appreciate the 138 donations, from more than 250 people, which made it possible to reach my £5,000 target. All of this money went to the charities, as I funded the journey myself.

Thanks for your interest!