Small streams that make a large flow

06 Apr 2015

Map of the Mississipi river tributaries

I came across an amazing map which set me thinking. It highlights all the 7,000 or so major tributaries that feed into the Mississippi River, illustrating the river’s huge catchment area of approximately 1.15 million square miles, or 37 percent of the land area of the continental U.S.

By the time the Mississippi reaches the ocean it is a roaring torrent, unstoppable in its power and energy. But if you were to stand near the start of one of the 7,000 tributaries, you would never guess that the small trickle there could become something so effective.

When we see the massive problems the world faces, whether poverty, violence, climate change or loss of meaning, only a major, effective torrent of changed attitudes and behaviour can redirect the course of history.

Could each of us be a tributary, a con-tributary, to this force of change? It could start with 7,000, and maybe eventually become 7,000 million.